We plan and create websites. This includes the user interface, information architecture, site structure, layout, navigation, font colors and imagery. We blend all these with designing principles create a website. Mainly focusing on designing aspect, is the crucial phase that we put in a web designing. We merge and maintain a balance, rhythm,  emphasis, unity and contrast in a proper sum. Along with this texture, color, lines, shapes and directions are blended with utmost care. These all will put out a well prepared web design. The professionally qualified and experienced team with us can do this in an excellent manner.

  • Responsive websites
  • CMS Website
  • E Commerce Web Solutions
  • PSD TO HTML Conversion

Unparalleled client Satisfaction
We value our clients, under stand their business, and pledge our commitment to contribute to their success and satisfaction.
Team Work
We value team accomplishments and seek opportunities to join with our colleagues to advance the success of our clients.
We value the combination of qualities and contributions that each individual brings to the workplace.
We value quality in all we do; in quality we deliver the perceived value of our product.

We take the work of user interface designing on computers, websites, machines, appliances, communication devices, software applications and mobile by focusing on interaction and the user’s experience. We mainly concentrate on the goal of making the interaction of user’s as resourceful as possible. We design user interfaces for the software and machines.

User experience design is more complex than user interface design. In this case, it’s not the designing of interface alone, but involves the systems and the interactions, which support it. Thus, both are the technologies facilitating the best communication, better designing and best user experience in technical field. We, Alchemy undertakes both these works and get it done for the clients with the utmost quality and sincerity, by the professionally competent expertise with us.

Mobile Apps

We have the competent team for designing excellent Mobile Apps. Eye-catching Mobile-Apps ideas agree with our professionals making them put the apt add for the right theme. When designing the app for mobile, we focus on designing an interface easy for invoice users, not boring the experienced ones. We tailor the mobile apps in accordance to the needs of the users and focus on creating easily usable apps. Before creating mobile apps we research on the know- how of its users and design the apps paralleling the users. We create apps with common mobile pattern and spotlight on the finger- friendly design.

  • iOS/iPad/iPhone Apps Development
  • Android Apps Development

In today’s world social media platforms are very powerful tool to market your products and services, get in touch with your customers, taking their feedbacks and on basis of that keep improving your product and services. Not only this if you want to be famous and want to spread your thoughts among people the social media platform is perfect for you

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • trip advisor
  • linkedin
  • pin interest

A cohesive brand image sticks in consumers’ minds. We work diligently to make sure all elements of your new campaign work together. Better branding means bigger business. We make sure that everything you do as a company has a coordinated look and feel. From your corporate logo, colors and fonts, to the development of your message, everything should be clear, concise, and compelling throughout all of your marketing and promotional materials. Our design process includes the research, design and development of concepts and strategies to enhance your corporate image and effectively promote your brand.

  • Logo, Brochure & Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Designing & Illustrations>
  • Flash Animations
  • 3d animations
  • Website & Microsites Designing
  • Landing Pages, Newsletters & Mailers
  • Brochures and Printing Material

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